Filesharing works not with all filetypes

I just installed a nextcloud container with Portainer Templates. Behind a ngnix-proxy-manager. Everything works. I can connect all clients and create user.

But sharing had some problems.

Some Filetypes work and some not. Folder also don’t work. For me it looks like it is an problem with the Browserfrontent and loading a “MIME/Type List”. When I click the sharing icon only on some files - mostly text files and pictures - the sharing subwindow will open. When I click the sharing icon on folder or other files it stay blank.

I found out that there is one difference. At the browser console appears an error message when I click the “wrong” type: OC.MimeType is undefined

I read this Thread, it is the same error but the solution didn’t help

There is a bug report at github, but he just update and solve the prob

All other findings are not my problem, so I have no glue what to do here. I think the frontend is not able to load a MIME List and due to that failed.

Maybe I should mention the nextcloud is in a subfolder ‘’. So I had config the nginx-proxy-manager to get access for some services and add some changes in the container (source: here)
May this could the problem here too? How is the frontend loading the MIME List?
That error message I got when I call the File site for the first time:

Uncaught TypeError: OCA.Files.FileList is undefined
    <anonymous> https://

(But what make me wonder is, that it work with some text and image Files, but maybe this are internal default types)

Ok, today I found some error message in my logs which wasn’t there yesterday and I found this bug thread on github.
I am not fully aware if this has really something to do with my problem, but it sound so

I did try occ maintenance:repair but nothing changed.

Check your browser console’s Network tab then do a login, etc. Are there some 404 not founds or other errors maybe indicating things getting blocked?

I checked everything in the browser console. I got only the error message when I click the sharing icon of the folder.

I checked again. It’s not easy to see this when 136 files are and the site is continuesly loading more in the background. there is one 404 error. the Browser can’t load a file which is called “merged-template-prepend.js”

Okay, hold on. You’ve mentioned several conflicting things.

Which image, specifically, are you using?

Also, the guide you linked to for a subdirectory setup is for the Snap.

The linked paged should only showing what I did to configure the subdirectory.
I use the nextcloud container which you get when you install Portainer. The Frontend say " Nextcloud Hub 7 (28.0.1)"

But the Problem is only one Problem.

When I use a desktop browser I can’t use the sharing function. Everything else is working. Even the sharing function, when I use the android app. So it is an problem with the code the browser receive

the Problem is, when I want share a folder or some not all file and i click the sharing icon, the dialog won’t open. But it is open when I want share one image or text file, but not on videos or word files.

I have the same issue, also possibly related is the details pane failing to open for all folders and file types that nextcloud can’t open and present via the browser - i.e. details pane would open for a .pdf file but not for a .7z file.
Nextcloud Hub 7 - 28.0.2

I have the same problem. Is there already a solution?

Unfortunately that doesn’t answer the question. There are numerous portainer template and images. You need to provide the details of the template itself.

@chillr What installation method? Can you share a few details about your Nextcloud environment please?

@zeroblue2005 What installation method? Can you share a few details about your Nextcloud environment please?