Files will not delete (due to file being locked)

I’ve been having a growing problem of more files not wanting to delete. When I check the logs it says that it is because the file is locked. I’ve found a solution for manually removing lock from the database. But that was for a MySQL DB which I don’t have setup. I’m not sure how to access a sqlite DB on NextCloud to manually remove the lock. Any suggestions?

On a side note, My DB is getting larger than I originally thought it would end up being. Would you recommend using MySQL over sqlite?

Edit: Forgot to mention that I’m on the latest stable version (11.0.2).

Unless you’re the only one using your cloud, it’s recommended to use a full featured DB like MySQL or others.
Convert to MySQL using this information:

You can access the SQLite database in linux by installing the sqlite3 package. In the terminal, type sqlite3 /path/to/nextcloud.db
From there you can run many of the same commands you would for MySQL.

Thank you. Yes, I and only one other person are using it. Mainly just so the other person can access some of the files.

I think I’ll convert my DB since I’m familiar with MySQL.

Thanks for the links.