Files synchronized from iPad are 0 byte on server


I’m having trouble to get photos from my iPad properly synchronised on the server: many files (100’s) are just empty, 0 byte size !
I’m using :

  • NextCloud server 16,0.3 on my Synology NAS
  • NextCloud for iOS
  • My photos and video (total about 10.000 files) on the iPad are on iCloud

I already checked this discussion but I cannot tell whether in my case, files become null sized or files are created as it wit no contents.
I found this issue after the first sync that took about 2 days…

First, I wonder how can I recover these files ? There are still on my iPad (and iCloud), how can I force the NC client to re sync them ? Can I do something on server side to force resync of these files ?

Second, this is obviously a serious issue making NC not reliable. I’m pretty new at NC, so not sure what else I can add here, what other information can I provide to help investigation ?

Thank you for the help

Try updating your Nextcloud client on your iPad, this did the trick for me. I was saving an existing Word document and it was being saved as zero byte size. After updating the client and saving the full file came across

I’m having this same problem and I’ve opened another thread on the matter here:

I just find a way to reset the app to resync the whole camera roll, and there are MANY that are zero length - 53 out of 112! I just did it again and now it says it has 54 out of 111 files that are zero. :frowning:
I’m hoping I’m just doing something wrong on my end because this will be a deal breaker if this can’t be resolved. I hope it’s not erasing any other files that I’m syncing.

I think I got it.
Turns out there was no space left on my iPhone. I guess the syncing process stills needs some space to do a successful sync.
Would be nice if the Nextcloud iOS app checked for what it needs before it performs a sync or maybe compares the two files afterwards to catch any zero length files.