Files synchronized from iPad are 0 byte on server


I’m having trouble to get photos from my iPad properly synchronised on the server: many files (100’s) are just empty, 0 byte size !
I’m using :

  • NextCloud server 16,0.3 on my Synology NAS
  • NextCloud for iOS
  • My photos and video (total about 10.000 files) on the iPad are on iCloud

I already checked this discussion but I cannot tell whether in my case, files become null sized or files are created as it wit no contents.
I found this issue after the first sync that took about 2 days…

First, I wonder how can I recover these files ? There are still on my iPad (and iCloud), how can I force the NC client to re sync them ? Can I do something on server side to force resync of these files ?

Second, this is obviously a serious issue making NC not reliable. I’m pretty new at NC, so not sure what else I can add here, what other information can I provide to help investigation ?

Thank you for the help

Try updating your Nextcloud client on your iPad, this did the trick for me. I was saving an existing Word document and it was being saved as zero byte size. After updating the client and saving the full file came across