Files sorting issue in Deleted Files?


Can someone confirm that sorting in the Files app: “Deleted files” behaves a bit strangely? Here’s a GIF where I’ve sorted by “Deleted”:


This only happens in this specific part of the Files app: “Deleted files” in other places, when I sort by “Modified,” it’s always correct.

  • Nextcloud in Version
  • PHP 8.2
  • Debian Bookworm
  • nginx/1.25.2

I just realised, after some testing, its not the file sorting, after some scrolling - thats only the dates are out of order o.O

I can confirm, sort by date is out of order for the deleted files on NC27.1.0.

So I’m not alone in the dark :> I have created a issue on github: [Bug]: Files -> Deleted files: Orderd by deleted leads to a "display bug"? · Issue #40484 · nextcloud/server · GitHub

Confirmed by me - just gone to free up some space in a large group folder and thought I’d delete anything deleted a long time ago. But the sort by deleted date doesn’t work. Fortunately, sort by size does so I could quickly locate some large deleted files.