Files retention not work

I Activate the 3 applications files automated tagging, file retention and access controle .
I create my tag delete_1daye and create a retention parameter:

I created also a auto-tag rule to autotage any file uploaded.

the app of auto-tag worke good but the files tagged aren’t deleted aftre one day!!!!
My objective is "Delete all files witch are older than 1 day for all users"

For such automatic apps, it is required that your cronjobs are run regularly. Can you check on the admin page that a cronjob run recently (usually <15 min).

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Where I can show this parametre “cornjobs” ? please


The app files retention work good with users which i created without LDAP but with LDAP users it’s not working !!!
I can’t understand why!!!

Then I’d check the bug tracker and report a new issue.

Not sure if it’s correct here - but i activated the app “files-retention” then searched for the settings.

Where can i find the settings of it? I don’t see any entry in my admin settings / user settings page.

I’ve looked here but they didn’t wrote where to enter the section

Can somebody please send a screenshot where to find the settings page of files_retention.

Thanks for help

here a Screenshot of my admin settings navi-bar

It is called “tag management” or in german “Schlagwortverwaltung”.

I think it comes with app “Files automated tagging”.

Thanks Stefan for your reply.

Since updating 17.0.2 to 17.0.3 i now have these options at this entry. Not sure why it has been empty under 17.0.2 although i enabled the apps.

For now i can configure retention and tagging as well.