Files removed unexpectedly not in "Deleted files"

Hi there,

I do have a problem with my NC20.0.8 Snap instance. I have a shared folder with some other users and accidentally, it was removed by one of the user. This should not be a problem since the removed files should do inside the my (owner of the shared folder ) Deleted files section and the user who did perform the removal but it was not the case.

The server is using AWS S3 as primary storage. I had 50GB of allowance and the data removal was of about 40GB - from the desktop client. I hypothesise that since the amount of data removed was quite big (compare to the allowance) the data was not moved to deleted files section as expected. For completeness, the documentation reports that the files inside deleted files do not count in the user quota so this is actually against my first understanding of the problem.

Do you have an understanding of why an anomaly like the one described could happen?
Could be a quick solution to increase the allowance quota to a higher value?


Hi, could this be the issue that you have been experiencing here? Sync client removing data from server when OS drive is full · Issue #3076 · nextcloud/desktop · GitHub

Hi @szaimen,

so far in my case the files were removed manually (by mistake). What alerts me most is why the files did not go to “Deleted files” - Could it be a bug? What do you think?

Yes, it is a bug as you can see in the linked bug report.

Yeah but it is does not apply to me directly, since as I said the removal was perform manually.

So I think what I did describe could be a different bug eventually.

So then you are free to open a new issue for this in the desktop client repository after making sure that no such bug report already exists. GitHub - nextcloud/desktop: 💻 Desktop sync client for Nextcloud
Afterwards, please post the link of the issue here that covers this bug, either way.

I did check out the list of issues and I did find this:

This issues does apply to NC client 3.1.3 as well.
Nevertheless, in my case the file did not go to the deleted file area. Does anyone know why?

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