FIles organization: is it ok to change default directories? Do Apps clutter the home directory?

Nextcloud version: 24.0.0
Operating system and version: Debian 11 bullseye
Apache or nginx version: Apache 2.4.53-1~deb11u1
PHP version: 2:7.4+76

Hi, I am new to nextcloud.

Is it important to keep the default folders in their preset locations if you are using the photos and collabora apps? And do nextcloud applications create new files and folders in the user’s top level directory?

My goal for nextcloud is to use it as a replacement for dropbox and Google Photos: keep my files organized across devices, and backup/organize my camera roll and photo collection from all my devices.

I would like to plan out my directory structure before copying all my files over. I noticed that my data directory starts out like this:

# ls files
Documents  'Nextcloud Manual.pdf'  'Nextcloud intro.mp4'   Nextcloud.png   Photos  'Reasons to use Nextcloud.pdf'   Talk   Templates

I would like to have my top level directories look something like this, with no additional clutter

# ls files    ##proposed structure
Archive Documents Music Photos Videos

Where Archive would be for things I am holding onto long term, Documents is the top level directory for all files, images, etc., related to my current life, Images is for all other image collections and assets, Music is top level for my music collection and audio projects, Photos is my photo collection, and Videos is top level for tv, movies, and video projects.

Does nextcloud treat these “default” directories in any special way? What if I moved them all into another folder like “foo/” and made foo my “top level.” Would nextcloud recreate those default directories?

If I want to move the Talk and Template directories, could I move them into Documents, or would that mess things up? What are they for?

Does the Photos app scan for images everywhere, or just in the Photos directory? Same for any music apps, etc., can you define a directory for them to stay in?

The reason I would move them to “/foo” is if other nextcloud applications tend to clutter up the user directory with their own files and folders. Does this tend to happen?

Thanks for the answers to these newbish questions.