Files on S3, PHP/DB/Thumbnails on SSD -> hybrid deployment of Nextcloud

My nextcloud is running locally on my small server in a docker environment. Running smoothly as long as storing files locally. As my data has reached a mass of 1TB I moved files to an S3 operator (in this case and linked it via “external storage” to my nextclound account. Working, but painfully slow (opening up a directory with like 20 folders) takes about 7-10 seconds. Quite not usable. I then stumbled upon a company that claims to have found a way to store the “big” files (in my case fotos and videos) on S3 (link here), but keeping the nextcloud php files, database and image previews (thumbnails) locally on the SSD. Quite a nice solution I wanted to adapt. But the company is not answering any requests.

Has anyone has made experience with a solution like that?
Sounds as a perfect solution to have a blazing fast reacting nextcloud UI and have the masses of data stored in the slow s3 bucket somewhere else.

Of course I know that accessing a file then may take some (milli)seconds but the idea of crawling through my directories and see all the thumbnails as fast as if they would be stored locally is a nice idea.

Anybody can help with this idea?

Thanks in advance for the help