Files not unlocking automatically

When editing files with Microsoft Office 2019 on my windows computer which is synced with nextcloud the files get locked but when I close the file the lock is not removed automatically. I always have to unlock the files manually which is taking quite some time. Is it possible to unlock files once the program is closed?

I am using Nextcloud Desktop-Client 3.12.0 and Nextcloud 27.1.5 Enterprise

Sounds like a bug to me. Have you looked on GitHub to see if there is already an issue about this?

I have very same issue with Nextcloud AIO

Created the issue on github, maybe add your comments so it is visible that I am not alone?

Found the issue for which worke is going on already [Bug]: Unlocking Office files fails after updating to 3.11.1 (VFS) · Issue #6401 · nextcloud/desktop · GitHub

Yes, Szaimen pointed me to the Filelocking bug tracker and found it too. Btw, downgrading sync client to ver 3.11.0 fixed the issue for me, so I will just keep it with uppdates disabled until this is fixed…

It is unbelievable that we have to wait so long for a fix. Even though the fix was applied in 3.12.0, for most people it still does not work. Upgrading to the 28.0.2 Nextcloud has other extreme bugs so we all have to wait.

Is there not a way to keep updates back until most users have tested the software properly? I do not have any file locks in my oc_file_locks table, but thousands if not hundreds of thousands of files are still locked. Users state that they have not even worked on some of the files that shows as locked.

No one is forcing you to upgrade to the latest version. Each Nextcloud release is receiving security fixes and bug fixes for about a year. If your Nextcloud instance is mission critical to you, I would recommend always running the second latest version in production. In addition to that you could set up a separate test instance and report the bugs you find to the developers.

Of course, it would be even better if serious bugs were already found during the beta and release candidate phase, but in order to achieve that it’s even more important that the community actively helps with testing. :wink:

If you’re on Windows or macOS, you can disable automatic updates in the settings of the client.

If you’re on Linux and installed it via your distro’s package manager, you can do apt-mark hold <package_name> on Debian/Ubuntu based systems or dnf versionlock add <package_name> on Fedora, RHEL etc.

Other package managers probably have similar commands. Not sure if you can do something similar with Snap or Flatpack.

Thank you for the reply. Unfortunately I do not have a second server to test with. I am holding updates back as long as possible before upgrading. Not upgrading and the package is unsupported.

I just expect that the basics of the basics be tested first before releasing new versions. Nextcloud releases new versions far too often and everything else, like the bugs, are unattended. That is my personal feeling about the software even though I love the software.

Opening files, locking files and unlocking files is kind of the basics for Nextcloud, which seems to have not been tested before releasing. Even after releasing the new client 3.12.0, the file locking issue persists. So who tests the software? Only the community, or does the company who develops the software also test?

So far the testing seems like it was done by newbies, or have not been tested at all.

My impression especially with the client apps is that you might be right, at least to some extent.

But to be fair, we should also keep in mind that Nextcloud is completely free and open source, and full-time developers are expensive.

Sure, the Nextcloud GmbH has some fairly large corporate customers that are paying for enterpise support, but there are many more companies out there, even large ones, that don’t pay a dime for using it, and most of them also don’t contribute to the project in any other meaningful way, some of them even making money directly from the product, like many of the managed Nextcloud providers.

I don’t have any insight into the company Nextcloud GmbH, but I think that even though they have grown a lot in the last few years, they probably still only have a small fraction of the financial resources that other vendors can spend on development, let alone the big players like Microsoft or Google.

Just wanted to chime in that this still appears to be an ongoing issue, even with NextCloud 28.0.4 and the NextCloud Client 3.12.3.