Files not passing the integrity check

Hi guys,
I have another question for you: I have been trying to get rid of all security and setup warnings on my NC. One of the few open points (besides me lacking to get the cron job done - see other posts) is the warning: “There are files that did not pass the integrity check.” Below there is a link to a help section in which it is explained what certain warnings mean, e.g. “EXTRA File” means that those files are “unrequired”. When I look at my report there is a whole bunch of those warnings - I would guess 200 in total (!). Now, I can’t believe that it would be a good idea to delete all those. Also, to be honest, I wouldn’t even know how to!

Can you guys shed some light?!


Without PRECISE information what files are listed, how your installation looks like. etc. it won’t be possible to give you any advise, except that you should create a backup before your remove the files form the Nextcloud document root folder.