Files missing from Next cloud folders - no activity trace


Found that documents uploaded to Next Cloud has gone missing without any trace.
Files uploaded between 1-May and 10-May have gone untraceable. Even the deleted folder doesn’t have a trace.
Baring this specific period, files uploaded earlier and later have no issues.

Would there be any alternate place we can check to see if we can recover them in case they are corrupted and not getting displayed on the UI. We are mostly end users of Next Cloud and do not tamper with any settings or scripts

Would be of great help if any leads available to this


The ultimate solution is to recover from backup.

If you don’t have a backup or the files are missing there as well your only hope is the files where uploaded successfully but for some reason (e.g. DB crash) DB records of this files are lost but the files itself still exists on the storage. You can check the storage and in case files are there recover using occ files:scan command… In all other cases I guess you rely on source of the files e.g. uploading clients recycle bin/file history etc