Files in upper levels sync even if only subdirectory is selected

I’m finding that the desktop clients (Windows 10 and MacOS both, v2.3.1.8) will sync files within a subdirector even if you only select a subdirectory. Shouldn’t these files require either an explicit selection for each file or of the directory itself? To illustrate:


If I select Dir1 and only want to sync that directory, the client will sync Dir1, it’s contents, AND file1.txt and file2.txt, but will NOT sync Dir2 and it’s contents.

Maybe it’s just me that sees this as an issue, but I recommend either allowing individual files to be selected and only syncing those exact items that are selected (selecting a parent directory should include it’s current and future children) or giving a separate checkbox to include files within the directory itself.

I looked on Github, but didn’t see an appropriate repo to report this as a bug or feature.