Files in Collectives Pages


I am trying to properly link files inside a nextcloud collectives page, so that users are able to see a small preview and download them right away. This would be a great way to present lots of documents in a structured way.

If I link a file (does not matter in which way: file-picker, drag and drop) there is a broken preview in the document as soon as I exit the editing mode. The Preview is clickable and opens a blank white page. See screenshots below.

When I open the attachment bar on the left side all is well - the preview is showing correctly and takes me to the file download.

Is there a way to get the same funcionality inside the document?

Thank you


Dear @Da_Ra. This is a known bug in current versions of Nextcloud Collectives and Text. It just got fixed via changes in the Nextcloud Text app. The fixes will be part of the upcoming Nextcloud 28.0.0 release and most likely also get backported to the upcoming 27.1.5 release.

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That’s good to hear. Thank you for getting back to me!