Files get restored after change

Hi there,

I experience a rather weird problem:

  • I create a file “file.txt”
  • the file.txt is uploaded to the server
  • I modify and save file.txt
  • immediately, the old version of file.txt is restored and the state of the new one is copied to “file (conflicted copy 2022-02-05 114616).txt”

What is going on here? It seems like the sync client “thinks” the server has a newer version than the one updated recently and restores it.

I run NC in a docker container using the basic official NC image with tinySQL db on a Pi4. My server pulled a new image yesterday night and I guess that caused the problem.

Has someone experienced this before and knows how to fix it?


“conflicted copy” is generally speaking a result of simultaneous edits in different places (more precise within one sync cycle). I your scenario it could happen if you change the file quite often (might happen while testing). Please test if the issue occurs if you update the file less frequent (update interval >60 sec), High Performance Backend might help as well.

hmmmm, … thanks for your answer. I’ll try to investigate this more closely tomorrow.

But I don’t think this is what is happening here. I’m working manually on files, editing, saving from now an then… Nothing that is automated and causes frequent changes on files. Also, what I’m doing is exactly what I do for years and NC never complained.