Files_fulltextsearch_mail - Indexing of .eml files (subject, text) including advanced search support

Not yet on the App-Store but it already works …

I picked up ArtificalOwls original version for NC15 and rebased it for NC 25.0.2 and made it working again. It is currently indexing tought my 100k Mails-Archive (10 years worth of Mails …).

Once done I will also add support for indexing attachments and maybe add a date from-to range as well and a specific key to just search for the subject itself. Also some cleaning up needs to be done.

Then I will try to add it to the App Store (first time around here, never contributed to Nextcloud yet). Next one will be an MBox viewer that I will also try to add to fulltextsearch indexing.

If you want to test it out yourself or have some comments to make feel free to add them here.

Currently there is the following support:

  • Searching works against the subject, text from and to.

Like the original app you need to specify from/to to search against a specific sender/reciever.

Original discussion:

Edit: Indexing of all 100k+ .eml files went smooth. Going to add attachment searching and clean it up then …