Files fail to upload

I’m running NC on my server v 13.0.8
On Android my app is 3.4.1.

I manually upload things I need uploaded from my phone. It used to work but when it stopped I cannot say as I dont regularly keep track of it/use it on a regular basis.

When I upload a pic from my phone to my NC install it says upload failed. When I go to settings–> Logs on my phone I do not see any updated logs so it is of no use to me. In the “Uploads” section in the Android app it says “Connection Error” but when I click to manually retry the upload, it uploads fine.

What can I look at to see whats wrong with this thing?

Ok, I’ve done some more research.

On my Note8 if I use the NC Client and upload by using the “+” shortcut in the app and selecting the images to upload, then it works.

If I go to my Photos with the Android app, highlight the photos to send and click “Share”, share it with Nextcloud, then the images uploads either do not work or only 1 uploads.

anyone…anyone… Bueller… Bueller…