Files disappear instantly after upload

if I put a new file (zip) in my sync folder or upload directly via the browser, the file will be deleted/disappears immediately after the upload. It disappears from the local folder and from the cloud. The file does not appear in the trash. No errors are logged.

Does anyone have an idea or know the problem?

Hard to say, I’d guess it some kind of security stuff, that either the webserver, or a firewall or something is blocking it. Perhaps the antivirus plugin or so. But this should all leave some traces in your logs, or you need to increase the loglevel. Or try a different browser/client first to see if it is server or more likely client-side.

Hello, the problem is solved or better the reason for this issue is clear now. For what ever reason I cannot have filenames with blanks like “abc”. It has to be “”.
This is very strange bc I always had such filenames even with characters like “! +”.

thanks for your help