Files deleted; still present in ncp-data.zAhXMw

NextcloudPi was working fine yesterday. Woke up today to a ‘invalid data directory - is .ocdata file present in root of data dir?’ type error. Creating the file got rid of the error and resulted in an instance where all settings are preserved, but all files and application data are missing.

Upon inspecting the filesystem, the data still exists in /var/www/ncp-data.zAhXMw, but I did not create this directory nor is it the default data directory. Is it safe to just move it back to the (newly reset) data directory, or is something wrong? Could a client have deleted all the files? Not sure what logs to provide. Thanks in advance

Is your external disk still mounted?
df -h

Yes, the disk is mounted and the files can be accessed in the aforementioned folder on the Pi - there is no external disk, just a large SD card running raspbian + NCP

I ended up copying the files off the system, installing NCP fresh, restoring from the last full backup, and copying recent missing files over manually. If this ever happens to anyone else it seems the files are all intact and moving them back to the data directory should fix the issue.