Files ./data/sess_...?


i also ask @german group, but no fast answer, so i ask her. I hope more people read her.

What do the many files under ./data have to do with sess_*? I have a limit of 1.500.000 files on my 1blu webhoster, which was unfortunately exceeded and then nothing works.
Have started out of necessity to delete older files, hopefully they are no longer needed, but otherwise I can no longer access.
Where do they come from and where could I turn off that so many files are created?

Looks like PHP sessions files. I don’t think that this has directly to do with Nextcloud. I have no such files in some “./data” folder on my Ubuntu server with a manual installation of Nextcloud. On my server they live in “var/lib/php/sessions/”. They could also come from the software that provides the admin interface. Or do you have other applications installed on your server besides Nextcloud?

I also find 1,500,000 files is an extremely high number. I have a little more than half as many files on my entire Ubuntu server and I have other things installed besides Nextcloud. I can’t imagine that these “sess _ *” files make that much of a difference. And if there are really thousands or tens of thousands of files in this ./data folder, something is wrong with the configuration of your hosting package or the php configuration… Session files normaly should be cleand automaticly by some background job, normaly a cronjob. I would contact the hoster, and ask them what you should do…

thanks, ok i open a incident to hoster.
I hope that this admin find the issue.
How can i configure php to remove session data? But i think i can’t change any sing on php config.

It is always worth to ask aunt G. first :wink: