Files conflict options when unable to use Windows client at work


As my enterprise doesn’t allow me to install nextcloud windows client, I have to mirror manually my pc folder with its nextcloud equivalent.

While drag&dropping it warns about files conflicts.
The only options is to choose between “new” & “already existing” files.

In my case it would be much more convenient to choose (moreover to automatically assign) between older and newer file base on its date/time stamp.

Did you consider this point ?

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Since you can’t install the sync client, you may want to explore using the built-in Windows WebDAV client[1]. It allows you to map your NC data to a drive letter. There are some limitations/caveats but works well unless your files are >50MB routinely or you have poor connectivity.

Out of curiosity, what types of files are you manually moving around? If they’re Office files or something like that, you could activate server-side Nextcloud Office.



Amazing answer!
Network mapping has not been limited by my enterprise sécurity policy.
I just had to go in the parameters to get the username (webdav link) which was not my login.
It works perfectly

Thanks a lot, I no longer have to mirror folders