Files_clipboard subtitution and files in target directory


I just found that the internal copy tool somehows substitutes files_clipboard but if a file already exists it’s refusing the copy.
how can I fix that?

you’re referring to nc13? yes. you won’t need files_clipboard app anymore.

do you have it de-installed from your instance? if not: do it. and then try again. maybe that would help

Its still disabled but the integrated module can’t handle overwriting files.


Instead of this, I want to see a dialog box what asks if I want to overwrite or not, as in file_clipboard.

Hi, right now you can only copy into another (where this file doesn’t exist) directory. This app/ function doesn’t support copying into the same directory and renaming yet.
So, just copy elsewhere (best parent dir), rename the copy and then move it back into the directory you want.

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in this case pls file an issue in github

In my case, I wanted to overwrite the files, because to an update of them, but thanks for the info that it doesn’t work yet.

Isn’t that feature already in development and would open an issue to this just annoy the devs?

i dont know what is gonna be developped or not. but before filing an issue it would be nice if you would check if something similar has been filed already.

but don’t worry… even if it’s filed twice devs would know and close your issue while pointing to the other issue.