Files automated tagging; only 'When: File is changed' is available

I’m using Nextcloud V20.0.1 with ‘Automated tagging’ V1.10.0

When I create a new flow there is no drop-down shown at the ‘When’ field. The only option is ‘File is changed’.

Other apps have options like:

  • File is created
  • File is updated
  • File is renamed
    The apps screenshot is showing other options as well. Any idea’s on how to debug this?
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Same problem here. 20.0.1 and 20.0.2 running in containers (via Docker hub’s nextcloud image).

I updated to 20.0.2 as well, but that didn’t resolve the issue. So the problem remains in V20.0.2

Bad news.
20.05 and 20.06 have same issue also