Files automated tagging not working on Group Folders

Tested with 12.0.5, it seems that the automated tagging will not apply to Group Folders.
Is it a bug? or it is designed to be?

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Same problem here:

  • NC 12.0.4
  • Files automated tagging 1.2.2
  • Group Folders 1.2.0

I’m having this problem aswell:

Running this on NC 13.0.0 using:
Files automated tagging 1.3.0
Group folders 1.2.0

Our setup only has Groupfolders (with 1B quota set for private spaces) and users authenticated via LDAP.
Automatic tagging works on private spaces but doesn’t touch files in group folders. There seems to be no debug output for this in the logs for further information.

I’ve setup Group Folders and found Files Automated Tagging functionality does not work within them. :sweat:

Here is the issue posted on Github

The issue was closed some time ago, but unfortunately this doesn’t work on a fresh install of NC 16.
can anyone confirm that this is working or not?

i think opening a new thread would be a good choice here… plus a link to this thread. don’t forget to post some infos about your server setup and environment

There are more issues on GitHub. All are closed, I think that would be enough.
On GitHub, there is no reaction. I would appreciate someone who has both apps enabled and could test the workflow.
Then I could sort out, if it’s a general problem or it’s due to my environment.

well the initial issue was reported for nextcloud 12 some 18 months ago.

maybe you found another issue which would be worth getting fixed as well…

you never know.

huh? i thought that all issues are closed there… this IS a reaction. and i see you just added your comment to the issue… so it’s all good. at least in matters of what we could do here.

of course… that’s a good point. but as the initial posting seems kind of outdated it would have been better to file a new thread that trying to ride a dead horse (thread) :wink: that’s all i meant

I had another idea: This feature does work, when a system tag is assigned to a group folder.
When a system tag is assigned to a subfolder of the group folder, the automated tagging does not work.

Maybe I’ll post another issue then.

And here is the issue:

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would make sense!

and see how much sense it would have made to post your question in a new thread? would would have a new “solved” issue then. it’Äs a pity that it’s impossible to mark a 2nd answer as being a solution… but well… i’m gonna ask a moderator if s/he could split this new part into another thread… :wink: