Files automated tagging doesn't work

Files automated tagging App is enabled, but cannot enter any tags.


And you already clicked on “Tags” (which can be seen in your screenshot), right? Nothing happens when you click it?

You are correct. Nothing happens when I click on “Tags”.

There have been issues with antivirus and web blocker (uorigin or something like that was one of them) plugins on the browser already.
Could you check if staying your browser without any plugins work or even try another browser?

Hi Schmu,

I have disabled all plugins as well as Chrome extensions, but the issue still remains. Are there any other workarounds to solve the issue?

Which version of Nextcloud are you running? I’m on NC15.0.1 and it works for me.
Could you fill out the issue template please? It will provide a lot of useful information. Including the active apps - sometimes certain apps interfere somewhere.