Files are not showing in External storage

I added external storage to a folder.

As the folder in the same server, I didn’t add credentials.And no option to select also.
But the folder is not showing any contents.
It has many subfolders.

Hi! I have the same problem too. You solved? Or can someone help us? Thanks

Not found any yet brother.
Did you find any

I think your nextcloud-user can not read /root/courses . /root is the directory for the user “root”. Use another directory and check the rights.

Post or check:

ls -al /path/to/dir

Yeah I tried on multiple account already, same issue.
ANd also one more question, what is the storage type we need to select for WIndows share?

I also uses “Local” and it works fine.

Test “local” with the nextcloud-folder.
Because of same user and rights it must work:

(your nextcloud folder, full path start with /)

If it works test other dirs.