Files are auto-deleting

Major issue being faced on NextCloud on Desktop:

  1. There are a few folders at random which don’t reflect complete latest contents on desktop, that have been made online.
    Can range from latest edit not showing to new file added not showing

  2. Just the last week our Sales Head has been facing a wild problem where when he saves some files on a folder (latest project folder) they auto vanish within a few seconds. On checking the deleted files in admin account - I find these files. I restore them, and yet they come back in a minute or so. In this minute, the files all reflect on the desktop folder and online replica folder, and then vanish to the deleted folder list.

What could be causing this?
Theoretically how would one get into system logs of NextCloud to check what’s the trigger for this behaviour?

I would check the access log of your web server to see if you can find any entries relating to this file. Normally, WebDAV requests including the user name are visible in the access log. This would allow you to see which user/IP issued the deletion request.

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Could you please guide me on how exactly to find the access log of my web server? I’m using Hetzner Storage Share as my server, and NextCloud is the Client. Was unable to find anything relevant on the Hetzner dashboard nor on the NextCloud admin UI… No logs anywhere…

Many possibilities, but you didn’t give us much to go on without version info (client and server) and what apps are involved. For example, possibilities very different if using, say, groupfolders or something like that.

Theoretically how would one get into system logs of NextCloud to check what’s the trigger for this behaviour?

Hi jtr, missed sharing those details,

Desktop Client version - 3.13.0
Browser Client Version - 28.0.6

In terms of Applications being used, I can only think of Hetzner Storage Share , which is the back end server which is hosting my files, for which NextCloud is the UI.

In NextCloud documentation for version 28, I only found logging in the developer manual (Logging — Nextcloud latest Developer Manual latest documentation)

I’m not a dev, so could you please guide me like a newbie would require on where exactly I would be able to access the container logs as per the above link’s documentation? Appreciate the support… and please let me know if any further data would help…