Files and folders not showing in browser after clean install

Hi to all,

I am having problems getting nextcloud up and running. After a clean install I am seeing files and folder in the files-app only once at my first login after the installation. On my next login the dashboard is empty and I don’t see any files or folders in the files-app. In the photos-app everything works fine. The activity-app also shows my activity. But the files-app shows a clear screen - except the menu on the left.

After trying to fix my older installation (that showed the files and folders until a certain upgrade to a newer version - I don’t remember which one) with no result I tried several clean installs of different versions. I tried 22.x, 23.x, 24.x, 25.x and am now on 26.0.0 beta1. Still no files and folders visible.

I always used the web-installer. My server is running php8.1 and MariaDB 10.4.17 (default_charset utf8mb4).

Does anyone have an idea about what is wrong with my system?

Any help appreciated. I’m beginning to doubt my abilities…


It took me a long time to find out the cause of the problem. Maybe it will help someone with similar problems if I write this down.

The problem was the Google Page Speed modules (PageSpeed Module  |  Google Developers) activated in Apache by my hoster. After switching off the modules, everything worked.

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Indeed. There is a full list of problematic ones here: