Files and Folders not accessible for other users in the group

Hello All,

I am new to the communnity of next cloud…

Been using nextcloud for many years without any major issues but this one is a new one on me, hence the required polite notice for help…

I am setting up a new account called company… and I give it the group test 1

I sign into the next cloud client using the company… details and upload several folders and files.

I then create a user called user1… and give it the group test 1

I then sign into the next cloud client using the user1… details but I am not seeing any of the files and folders I synced with using company… details…

I thought if using the same group name it would just auto share these files with the group? is there something I am missing?

First time I have had to setup a new user to then share with a group of other users.

My nextcloud version is:


Client version is 2.3.3 (build 1)

Sorry had to remove the @bit from the accounts as can only post 4 links because I am new.



The accounts will only see their own data. To have several accounts to see the same you can either share files from one account to a group of users or use the app group folders and create a folder and attach that to the company group.