Files and folders get deleted randomly on share [SUPER SERIOUS]


we’re a team working on a film project, collaborating over Nextcloud. We recently changed our sync setup so that everything runs over an external storage, which is a network drive we have at our office.

We’ve been using this service for 7 months now and it worked pretty alright (with minor hiccups) until last week things started disappearing, which is a major issue. I am afraid this is due to the client version 3 which deletes things from the share. My suspicion is now that this is when someone unchecks things, they then not just get deleted from disk, but from the server.

This is a gigantic issue for our project with the potential to wipe weeks of work at random. We need to find a fix for this.

Since this is extremely hard to debug, I am now looking for any hint on how to get behind what might be causing this. I see the client has some features for seeing changes, but these must be logged in the web interface as well someplace, no? Since we are not directly managing the nextcloud server, I need to know what to communicate with IT to get behind this, or what possibilities might exist. To see who of our many users is actually causing this issue.

I have eliminated the possibility of these changes being intentional from malicious personell, as I have in fear deactivated all external accounts with access, yet the deletion has still continued even when only our core team remained access, but we can’t go on like this. At this point we’re very desperate.

Thank you for any help,

Have you tried this to see if the problem can be reproduced?

Also, are the files still present and restorable from trash?