[files-accesscontrol] The private key is invalid for the encryption app. Please update your private key password in the private settings to restore access to your encrypted files. what is the solution

Kunci privat tidak sah untuk aplikasi enkripsi. Silakan perbarui kata sandi kunci privat Anda pada pengaturan pribadi untuk memulihkan akses ke berkas Anda yang dienkripsi. apa solusinya

@Juandi_Hardani_Mahas hello and welcome to the community-forum of Nextcloud.

SInce your thread seems to be written in your mothertongue Indonesian I moved your topic here. I think it’s the first indonesian topic, here.

I suggest to post your inquries in english… so you would reach more ppl here. Plus: don’t hesitate to put way more infos about your server and environment into your inquiry.
Pls think of this: we don’t know how you setup your instance and there are thousands of pissibilities to install NC.