Filename returned from node class, getName method is different

I am using hooks to send me the filename that has been created. But I get the filename different from what I’m expecting. e.g Real filename is “exmple.txt”, but the name I get is a random number like “880”

The App I’m building has to send notification all the time when a new file is created and this is working perfectly as I want. The problem is it does not sends real file name.
Here is my code:

Expected: “{“postCreate”:“this is post Create”,“name”:“example.txt”,“file_path”:”/appdata_ocrz2pwir7dp/preview/925",“fileID”:926,“size”:0,“file_Internal_Path”:“appdata_ocrz2pwir7dp/preview/925”}"

OUTPUT: “{“postCreate”:“this is post Create”,“name”:“925”,“file_path”:”/appdata_ocrz2pwir7dp/preview/925",“fileID”:926,“size”:0,“file_Internal_Path”:“appdata_ocrz2pwir7dp/preview/925”}"

Well you get the node for the preview file. that file is named file id of original file, so that is actually the expected behaviour.