Filemaker integration

Is it somehow possible to enable Claris Filemaker Database (be it on Server oder Client side) to “see” files and folders on an encrypted NextCloud (server sided! Client-sided it would be easy but not suitable for team work)

There is this Goya thing which I do not really understand…and there is the Filemaker MBS Plugin which we are already running - which gives it a CURL option so that we ARE already SENDING data onto the encrypted cloud viw WebDav. So I wonder why it should be possible to “see” them as well…?!
@jospoortvliet was mentioning 2019 several times that was offering a “Filemaker pro add on” - by now I can’t find it, the links are dead…?!

We have a filemaker pro add-on available for customers, from a partner, I don’t now how well maintained it is. I also am not sure what exactly it does - I’m not very familiar with Filemaker, sorry!

With regards to your question.

Via WebDAV you can also see the files, if that doesn’t work then your app might ‘simply’ not use the right webdav actions… Our clients, mobile and desktop, and even our web interface, all use WebDAV and can show the files :wink:

If you really need more help with this, it’s best to contact our sales team.