Filelink : message sent but never received

I installed Filelink for NextCloud. Seemed to work fine but the messages modified by Filelink are never received by the recipient. The file is uploaded OK on nextcloud. I can download it from the “sent” message. No error message during send and nothing special in Thunderbird console. Identical messages not modified by Filelink sent just before or after are delivered OK.
Thunderbird 68.9.0 (64 bits)
Filelink 1.8
Opensuse Leap 15.1
Any idea ? Thanks in advance.

Seems that it has nothing to do with Filelink. Rather my ISP ( silently filtering out emails containing the URL of my nextcloud instance. And any DynV6 URL, by the way. I dont trash the post in case this is useful to someone.

Provider is filtering e-mails? Then change your e-mail-filter or your e-mail-provider.

Your ISP should not have access to your mails as they’re encrypted. Or do you mean your e-mail-provider instead?

Out of interest, can you send a picture of what the recipient saw?

Perhaps the e-mail are encrypted on the way with SMTPS but not on the mail servers. Perhaps mail provider scan attachments but not links.

Yes, my ISP is also my mail provider.
And no, I can’t show you what the recipient saw, the messages are dropped without informing neither sender nor recipient. Sender thinks message is delivered and recipient does not know anything was sent.
I solved (?!) the problem by encrypting the URL on a tinyurl server.

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