Filelink for nextcloud leaves original large attachment in place

FileLink 1.8
Thunderbird 60.4.0

After adding a large attachment, the link is uploaded the NextCloud.
The file link details are added to the main body of the message yet the original attachment remains in the message.
I expect that the large attached file is removed from attachments limiting the actual email message size.
If I manually try to remove the attachment, the file link message in the main body of the mail is also removed.

I have disabled all other addons in an attempt to see if there were any unwanted interactions, but the problem persists.


Hello, I don’t understand the problem. The owrkflow as I understood is

  • Add a large file
  • File is being uploaded to nextcloud
  • Link is created and embedded into the Mail
  • The file still remains in the attachments field
  • When deleting the file, the link also disappears

I think the “file” in attachments is just there that the user see that his file is still “attached” in the email. It’s not really attached but shown as that so the user will not be confused. Did you tried to send the mail?

Yes. when I send the mail, the original attachment is still present, and if I send the mail to myself, the mail arrives with the large attachment in addition to the link.

The message source has:-
Content-Type: application/octet-stream;
name=“SageAccts Charnvel Ltd. 2019-02-12 13-44-25.001”
Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64
Content-Disposition: attachment;
filename=“SageAccts Charnvel Ltd. 2019-02-12 13-44-25.001”