Filedrop - can it be a little more obvious?

I wasn’t aware initially when I installed NC the public filedrop option had been included until I read this article:

Then it took me a little while longer to actually be able to enable it as Google searches and document hunting on led me nowhere.

It was only upon clicking “Allow editing” and “Hide file listing” out of sheer luck that I realised that’s what it is…

Can this be made more obvious in a future update? Perhaps promote it as a public filedrop rather than wording it as hiding directory contents?

It’d be a little clearer.


cc @jan Any thoughts on that?

To add to this awesome feature and since we’re focused on bringing Enterprise features to the Open Source community, could we consider the following:

Ability to make any folder a ‘File Drop’ with options such as:

  • Password Protection

  • Time expiration

  • Audit Log (including IP Logging) with email notification

  • Ability to enable/disable specific File Formats

  • ClamAV triggered scanning for each upload

  • Automatic RootKit Detection for each File Drop and each upload

  • IP / Subnet Restriction and Whitelisting (Could be independent or work together w/ CSF/LFD)

  • Ability to limit File sizes

Just my thoughts.



@JasonBayton yes, good point. Do you have a suggestion for 1) better wording and as step 2) maybe an improved placement?

If you want to get involved, a design pull reqiest is always welcome! Let me know if you need any help getting started there. :slight_smile:

@jan I’m not sure what a design pull request is, so do feel free to point me to the right resources (if it differs from a normal PR)

I’d like to imagine something like this:

Sharing the link doesn’t change, that has to be done regardless of the type of share you’re creating.

However instead of obscuring that pretty awesome filedrop feature behind “allow edit”, bring it up front and centre.

In the screenshot above I’ve added some clarity. The wording may not be perfect but that’s not super important currently. When sharing has been ticked, the user is given the options to:

a. Allow remote users to view and edit directory contents
b. Create a File Drop folder (a small :information_source: tooltip wouldn’t go amiss here, just to make sure users understand)

Whichever one is selected greys the other out, for obvious reasons. Edit folder contents could be transparently enabled when selecting File Drop which I guess would allow some of the logic already in place on that checkbox area to remain.

That would make it clearer I think.

I’m also a bit biased towards this type of feature (I use File Request so much in dropbox) and I’d like to see it more prominently offered…

But that’s more wishful thinking than anything else :wink:


Just to add a little, I would really like to use a folder as a file drop even when I’m the owner of the folder.

Often times I’ll have files that I don’t want to store on my local machine, so I’d like to just drop them into NC, have them upload, and then disappear locally. The same concept as just moving a file to an external drive.

It could just be an option in the desktop client. Something vaguely like this:

The only way I’ve found to do this is to create a folder that isn’t synced with the desktop client, upload things through the web client, and then delete them locally. This is pretty cumbersome though and I can’t upload things larger than 2GB, which, ironically, is almost always the kind of file I’d like to shove into NC and remove from my machine.

Should this be created as a github feature request?

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Why not. Or try a pull request. I think the design-PR is just a PR concerning the NC design. If you need help, the best is to ask via IRC.

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I’d like to resurface this, as nothing has been changed since the topic started as far as I can tell. Mostly because I guess I still don’t understand what a design PR is, but also because I don’t have the knowledge to implement this via code myself … but maybe someone else does :smiley:

Anyway, it would be better to have such an issue on github, then it is better to keep track of such things. In the forum, they tend to get lost after some time if no one remembers.

Done :slight_smile: