File Versions on External Storage

I am running NC 10.0.2 on NethServer,
I have external storage of a CIFS share on NethServer, and I can successfully see the shares through the NC web interface, and if I edit in the interface I get versions of the file on external storage, but if I edit the file not in NC, I see the edited version of the file, but I get no version. I think this is the expected behaviour, but according to the NC manual here it makes it sound like an occ scan of the files which includes external shares will include a version.

Adding Files to External Storages
We recommend configuring the background job Webcron or Cron (see Defining Background Jobs) to enable Nextcloud to automatically detect files added to your external storages.

Nextcloud may not always be able to find out what has been changed remotely (files changed without going through Nextcloud), especially when it’s very deep in the folder hierarchy of the external storage.

You might need to setup a cron job that runs sudo -u www-data php occ files:scan --all (or replace “–all” with the user name, see also Using the occ Command) to trigger a rescan of the user’s files periodically (for example every 15 minutes), which includes the mounted external storage.

So, I run;

sudo -u apache php occ files:scan --all

which successfully scans files for all users, which is supposed to include external shares, but no versions on external shares. Is it possible if not edited in web interface?

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Up, I have the exactly same question and use case, with a samba external storage and Nextcloud 20.
It seems that files modified by the nextcloud desktop client don’t get versioning either, versioning seems to work only with files modified in the web interface.
Is there any way to get files versions at least for files uploaded by the desktop client ? And ideally also for files modified externaly, with periodic scans ?