File versioning show diff

Nextcloud version history is a great thing. It would be awesome to integrate an setting to show diff between different versions (at least between last version and an older one).

If possible it would be nice to show diffs not only for plain text files, but also for pdf or office files.

LibreOffice offers and compare document feature, so if there is LOOL activated, it should be possible to run the command and open the compared document.

For pdf I use diffpdf but I’m sure there are some command line tools out there.

This feature would also be nice to have when you share documents with someone else. So it will be easier to see changes for someone else (shared link).


an additional icon in the version tab and depend on the file type different “apps” will be open like LOOL or other compare apps.

Compare File

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I second this proposal. It would be very nice to have, at least for plain text files.

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I third it, just wanted this, again.

Yeah… I just would have needed it as well. Diffing on the server is much too complicated, even without encryption.

Agree. Badly needed feature.