File versioning in NextCloud

Please, could anyone provide consistent explanation of how the new file versions can be created? Seems stupid but I failed to find something comprehensible yet!
Any hint are appreciated)

Have you tried to activate the Versions app?

This application automatically maintains older versions of files that are changed. When enabled, a hidden versions folder is provisioned in every user’s directory and is used to store old file versions. A user can revert to an older version through the web interface at any time, with the replaced file becoming a version. The app automatically manages the versions folder to ensure the user doesn’t run out of Quota because of versions. …

J ED - sure!

To be more clear - the question is what sequencing of steps can result in new file version creation? For example - uploading, editing e.t.c. - what exactly?

I had exactly the same question. I’m an editor, working on documents with several authors, some online via the Collabora app, others offline, synchronised via Desktop app.

My understanding is: A new version is created every time the file changes - either by being edited or replaced by a new file with the same name. That is, every time I save the file on my hard drive and it is synchronised via Desktop app, that’s a new version.
As the many many versions “in-between” get deleted eventually, the Web interface will only show a few older versions. I find that quite handy, actually, otherwise I would get overwhelmed quite quickly …

I can compare the versions in Libre Office and it will show me who changed what in between. (Hopefully. I haven’t tested that yet comprehensively.)

Esthr, please, let me understand you more precisely - is your answer your understanding or your real experience?

If I replace the file on NC storage by another one (with identical name) will it lead to the creation of new file version (in that case the last version should be the old file)?

edg, pls have a look at reply kindly posted by mr. “buddy” - there is comprehensible explanation of how NC versioning works.

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Hi, thanks for the hint. I’m sorry, haven’t checked back into the community up to now…