File upload via API (directly to specific users account)



I wanted to gets some guidance/help in using the API for my specific use case. What I am trying to do is upload a file on behalf of a given user using an admin account with proper permission/credentials. The goal is to create a Python script that will take the file from an external location and pass it into Nextcloud via the API, putting the in the account for the specified user.

The python script would be hosted on AWS Lambda and the file would be pulled from an S3 bucket.

The external application is on a sperate network than the Nextcloud instance with AWS S3 as the intermediary file storage and Lambda as the interface with Nextcloud. Given this I do not believe something like this will work. eneiluj/nextcloud-webdav-filepicker: :open_file_folder: File picker to interact with Nextcloud files (

The sharing mechanism is not an option as it was requested that the app is disabled.

Is this something the API can be used for or is this a use case that is not currently supported by Nextcloud?

We are using S3 as the primary storage backend and Nextcloud is hosted in a Kubernetes cluster on AWS EKS.

I had thought that it might be possible to upload the file to admin account and then use the file transfer option to transfer to the user we want to have the file. Is this even possible if the sharing app is disabled?

I was also looking at oauth2, but found that Nextcloud does not support the client credentials flow. This is an issue because there will be no way to present a login to the user for authorization when using AWS Lambda.

Any suggestion or possible solutions would be greatly appreciated.

I know this is similar to Upload file - API - :computer: Development - Nextcloud community. I have also replied there to see if the user had any luck with a solution,