File upload size limited in publically share folders?

I think I experience a bug here. My max. upload-filesize is set at 1.9 GB and I can therefore upload larger files when I am logged in as user to my NextCloud instance (say, I am user A). As user A I have created a share directory where others can drop files (public link with password protection).

If you are connected via the public link (user xyz) the max. file size you can upload is approx. 150 MB. The upload just stops silently. No error message for the user who uploads the file when it silently stops.

In the log (I use the log which is accessible for the admin within the admin NextCloud-session) I do not see any entries when this upload fails.

Any Ideas?

I am running the following system:

System Info

|NextCloudPi version|v0.53.20|
|NextCloudPi image|NextCloudPi_02-06-18|
|distribution|Raspbian GNU/Linux 9 \n \l|
|USB devices|sda|
|data in SD|no|
|data filesystem|btrfs|
|data disk usage|175G/932G|
|rootfs usage|2.0G/15G|
|Nextcloud check|ok|
|Nextcloud version||
|HTTPD service|up|
|PHP service|up|
|MariaDB service|up|
|Redis service|up|
|Postfix service|up|
|internet check|ok|
|port check 80|open|
|port check 443|open|
|NAT loopback|no|

Copy from the setting page within NextCloud admin:


Benutzer: 2
Dateien: 83249


Version: 7.0.27
Arbeitspeicher-Grenzwert: 512 MB
Maximale Ausführungszeit: 3600
Maximale Größe zum Hochladen: 1.9 GB


Art: mysql
Version: 10.1.23
Größe: 32.6 MB

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