File upload conflict with identical creation timestamps and non-standard file names

Steps to reproduce

  1. On an iPhone, have at least two files with the exact same creation timestamp (e.g., 2019-5-28 10:37:33).
  2. The file names are not in the [IMG_XXXX] format, but are numerical strings. For example, File 1 is [4620693218505426477.4b455bbd2e12f63d0a70e15f0a7cbe1c.19052610] and File 2 is [4620693218505426477.7ccbb12348e05dc04ebe7b409e3e2184.19052610].
  3. Upload the entire camera roll from the iPhone.

Expected behaviour

File 1 and File 2 should be successfully uploaded as distinct files.

Actual behaviour

The file name part of the [YY-MM-DD HH-mm-ss filename] format uses the 5th to 8th digits of the file name on the iPhone.
Therefore, File 1 and File 2 end up having the same file name (2019-5-28 10-37-33 6932) and only one is saved.

Reasoning or why should it be changed/implemented?

I do not want to use subdirectories. In this state, if I set “Keep original file name”, [IMG_XXXX] will conflict.
Therefore, I want to append the creation timestamp to the file name.

Environment data

iOS version: iOS 16.0.3

Nextcloud iOS app version:

Server operating system: Almalinux

Web server: Apache

Database: mariadb

PHP version: 8.2

Nextcloud version: 28.0.1