File transfer speed

I have mounted a copule of drives in nextcloud via sftp.
When I download from the web GUI I get terrible speed.
When I connect to webdav via cyberduck i get speed better than Web GUI
When I connect to SFTP via cyberduck I get still better speeds.
Finally when I connect to SFP via windows explorer, i get the highest speeds.

Why is this and how to solve it.

My server is ubuntu server 16.04 with latest snap version of nextcloud with 1gig ram.

Well, that’s direct access, no additional things are done in the background so it is the fastest.

I suppose you mean the Nextcloud-webdav. Normally, I’d think they should be similar. I hope you use cron for the cronjobs and not via ajax (if not that is run in the background). For the gui, caching is very important to be set correctly especially when having limited resources of RAM. Database-caching. There are a few topic and some shared settings. However, I never used snap…

Indeed, the closer you get to direct access the faster it will be. Nextcloud isn’t in the picture at all at that point. Using webdav (through the GUI or otherwise) you’re going through PHP.

Can you share some details there? I can translate to snap-ese :slight_smile: .

I understand sftp if faster due to dierct access. But at times I see SFTP going at 5 to 10 Mbps but 2 or less with the web gui. Thats too much to loose. Also I have my PHP ram limit set to unlimited currently (i am testing various ram limits to find the sweet spot).

I have some questions. In the official documentation they have many caching tips. I will attach the link here too. Please give me the syntax to translate to snap-ese.

Also I am unable to edit the config files directly (for example the PHP.ini and many). I think it is due to the snap file system thing (I get error read-only file system)

Read SNAP Installation change php, apache and nextcloud configs

Thankyou for that link. But the main issue (even mentioned in the link you gave) is that the snap files are readonly.