File Sharing Problem, with, and without Group Folders


I’ve got a problem with permissions on both normal folders and group folders, but the problem may be elsewhere, too.

First of all, the problem (NC27 still, together with Pg15):

I am the administrator of a group folder, but I cannot rename it, and I can also not delete it. The same goes for files inside the group folder(s) - there’s a whole tree hanging off from it.

I also wanted to grant someone in a group editor access to the folder, but that did not work, either, using File Access Control. With the Group Folder, I can add rules for the group and also rules for individuals that should have higher privileges - except, those elevated privileges for those individuals do not seem to have any effects. Thinking that the permissions from the various rules might not add up (the group basically has read-only permissions), I removed someone from the group in order to give them elevated permissions, but then, they could not see the group folder at all.

After reading a number of messages here and also bug reports on Github, I figured that this problem might be related to the Group Folder app, so I tried to replicate the setup with normal folders, but then found that I can’t add any of those elevated permissions at all, as if “File Access Control” worked with Group Folders exclusively.

Sharing something with a number of individuals does not appear to work, either, or at least, I found no way to add a variety of “Sharing” instructions to one folder.

It doesn’t matter whether I’m using a normal user account, or whether I’m logged in as the site administrator.

Do you have any suggestions, please?

I’m having a hard time fully following your post.

Let’s back up and start with the simplest scenario possible. Ideally without involving the groupfolders add-on app.

Try create a demonstration scenario that is as simple as possible. That will help those of us seeing your post understand what you’re experiencing.

Please describe step by step what you did. Then what you expected to happen. And lastly, what actually happened.

I just figured that I was too dense. I have now created the desired structure and sharing with a normal folder and asked the user to verify that it works according to his expectations.

If yes, I’d still be interested in fixing the problems with the Group Folder add-on, but it would become less urgent.