File Sharing - Persistent public link question


I uploaded a file on my nextcloud server that i want to make public
I generated the public sharing link.

This file needs to be updated on a regular basis.

How do i make the public sharing link persistent ?
(after uploading a new version of the file on the server, i noticed that the public link is removed)

Thanks for any advice

If you upload a new version of the file with the same name, the link should stay and you should see the old version in versioning. Is this the case?
If not, its a bug I think and steps to reproduce, version numbers, etc. are needed.

I have noticed the same behaviour. If you upload a file through the web interface (with the same name/format) etc. the publicly shared link disappears and needs to be recreated. As a work around, I share a folder with the same name as the document and update the document within the folder. Messy, but works for the moment

Thanks, we will update to version 12.0.6 and test again.
Yes that it was i did, share a folder with the same name

Was this issue resolved?

Maybe this app might help you:

Then you can rename the share so it stays the same over time.