File sharing on web interface

Hi there,

I’m missing the possibility to publicly share a file/folder via link, without sending it to an email address (sending a link by mail works fine). When using the nextcloud app on android, this works perfectly fine, but on the web interface/browser I have no option to do that.
Further, it seems to be not possible to un-share a file which has be shared before (again, this is working on the android app, but it seems to be not possible on the web interface.

Does anybody have a similar problem or any clue what I’d doing wrong here?


Nextcloud version (14.0.0):
Operating system and version (ArchLinux):
Apache or nginx version (Apache 2.4.34):
PHP version (7.2.9):


I have the same issue. For me it looks to be a Chrome browser issue as it works OK in Edge.



Chrome seems to be missing the 3 dot context menu.

Can confirm it is a browser-related problem. For me, the problem occurs when using firefox and accessing nextcloud via public domain (, then everything below the textbox is missing (see screenshot, left side). However, when accessing nextcloud from within the local network (https://mypc/nextcloud), everything works fine. If I’m using opera, both cases work fine.

Sorry for digging up this old thread but since I had a similar problem I though it might interest others too. I was unable to share folders over the web interface but sharing worked just fine through the app. After a bit of trial and error I realized that uBlock Origin was the culprit. As soon as I deactivated the ad blocker for my nextcloud server sharing through the web interface started working again. This is the case with both browsers I use (Vivaldi and Firefox).