File sharing missing icon

I am using nextcloud 20.0.1 on an OVH shared cloud server.
I try to share folders between users of the some group.
I have check the configuration according

According to Sharing in Nextcloud users are supposed to have a “sharing” icon on the top menu, but they dont have it, they are not allowed to share folder of file.
What I am missing ?

Hi there, can you send a screenshot of what it looks like on your end?

There should be a share button on the very right of the file:

Here it is

You wrote it yourself, you are using Nextcloud on an OVH shared cloud server. In shared environments the provider descides which features can be used or not. So if you’re missing a function which is usually part of the base package, contact the OVH support and ask them why this feature has been disabled :wink:

I installed myself the nextcloud environment, it is not managed by OVH.
On an other OVH server, other nextcloud, I was able to share folders

But I cant remember how I did this

I find a solution. I clic on the right side of the window “il y a 5 mois”. It opens a tab on the right, where I can find “sharing”. i can find a text area to find a user to share with.
Not very user friendly.