File sharing issue with Server-Side Encryption

Hello folks,

I am trying out the various options of nextcloud 11 to replace another third party file sharing app because we have the demand for LDAP integration as well as the need for file encryption.

I am running into an issue with the server-side encryption enabled for local shares.

When a user start to sync a share, random small files in this share do not sync and the following error message is found the Nextcloud log:

“Cannot decrypt this file, probably this is a shared file. Please ask the file owner to re-share the file with you.”

I did a quick search on the forums and found that someone else also encounter a similar issue (here).

Now the general consensus seem to be there is not much reason to use server-side encryption with local shares.

“Server side encryption provides absolutely no increase in security when dealing with local files. If you’re not encrypting data at third party services, then you should leave encryption disabled entirely.”

I can understand this very valid point, but is there a fix to have server-side encryption work with local shares?

Has anyone been able to get it working successfully?

Any feedback would be appreciated.

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any help or clarification on this issue would be much appreciated.