File Rename, Delete, Access events not triggered

In my attempt to write a logging App, I had trouble with the triggering of some specific file-related events: delete, rename, access/read. I now realize these events have to do with the dropdown list next to the share button. Since all other events are working properly, I sense there is some problem with associating the hooks with the files, or something like that… Anybody has experienced something similar, like all hooks working except from those that are related with already existing files?


Did you have a look at the admin_audit app? That already logs everything.

Yes I looked at it! I am trying to make my own mainly for learning purposes, would like to upload it on GitHub also, maybe somebody likes the format of the logfile, it’s easily readable. But there seems to be a difference between the Hooks related to files and i.e. with those from login and logout. Those from login work just by registering them through the Util::ConnectHook() function, while the files Hooks need some extra treatment? Struggling already for a week, any direction appreciated :))

Make sure you have


in your info.xml, if it was missing also increase the version number.