File recreated instead of modified (changes lost)

In the Nextcloud Admin-Backend in the Webbrowser a file is shown as “Changed 4 days ago” in the grid view.

But in the Activities-View of this file there is only one Activity stating: “Created by [user] 2 days ago”.

The file really is older than 2 days and had many changes.

But all those changes are lost, no version-history about the file. Only “Created by [user] 2 days ago”.

It seems that the file has been recreated and all changes had been lost. The file is not in the trashbin, and has no version-history available.

Does anyone have a clue or idea, how this problem can occur?

The user works in Newzealand (GMT+13) while the Server is hosted in Germany (GMT+2). Could the problem be related to timezones ? It could be unrelated to timezones, i sadly dont know.

As the Nextcloud is not self-hosted i can not provide Logs at this moment.