File (photo) sync in mobile app?

The (android) mobile app has the auto-upload feature, which is really great. However, there does not seem to be true file synchronization, despite a few confusing forum posts and the claim in the documentation of “Automatic synchronization of your files.”

I would really like to be able to keep any photos I take in sync with my NC server - so, for example, I could take about 30 pictures on my android phone, use my PC to delete most of the photos a few days later, edit one photo, and then easily show that photo in my native android picture app to someone. The auto-upload feature only works one way - and certainly doesn’t handle automatic deleting of 28 unwanted pictures of a blurry cat!

Is there a particular reason this feature is not in the mobile app? Is there any objection to adding the feature? (Is this even the right place to discuss the feature?) (Is this something the OC people would want to use, too?)

Thanks a lot, and am happy I switched to nextcloud! --Peter

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Is there a better place to ask these questions?


Same problem here.

I currently use “FolderSync” which is a great app for syncing certain folders with Nextcloud.

Unfortunately it cannot detect moved files which sucks if I move a larger video inside my DCIM folder (it is instead deleted remote and then uploaded again).

Synchronize Ultimate does 2way sync,including deletions server side. If you want it to. I use it to auto sync camera images and videos to different target folders on my NC.

Grate point. I was thinking excactly the same. Why no sync?

hi @Peter0 , so what was the solution you ended up using?

I’m a new user of nextcloud. arrived here in order to move my photos out of google hosting.
i want also to share the server with my family (so we all share the photos.

sounds like I need both the nextcloud app AND another app to sync the pics into that app. this sounds complicated. and its not what I signed for :slight_smile:

the android app has a syncing option.

Swipe from left >> Auto-upload

you can choose to sync local directories to your NC server

ok now i also have set up my home server with nextcloud, and installed the app.

i need the photos to move from the dcim folder to another folder automatically? or should i move them manually after taking them?